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    I'm not such a fan of a word routine, but now I know, that actions behind the routine, give structure and meaning to my everyday life. Of course, it has to be a healty routine, which then slowly becomes a healthy habit. I'm checking on the difference between ritual and routine and found

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    Tršlja, lentisk, mastika

    Glavna sestavina kreme za domačo refleksoterapijo Carry me, je hidrolat lentiska/tršlje/mastike, po domače kar divja pistacija. Mogoče si pod vtisom, da se krema Carry me uporablja samo za stopala, ampak prav zaradi hidrolata lentiska, kremo lahko uporabljaš po celotnih spodnjih okončinah. Tršlja/lentisk/mastika pomaga pri utrujenih in zateklih nogah, zdravi manjše ranice in popokane

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    What we cannot see

    What we cannot see, we can feel. This is also true for scents. Nice aromas, or even bad ones, can bring back so many memories and feelings we had at specific moment. Scents can be like instant recall. Unforgettable in one word. We cannot say we misplaced memories or we don’t even need

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    Great expectations

    Already, I can feel the holiday season. It starts every year after 1st of November, when it’s kind of “legal” to start thinking about the holidays. Cinnamon and oranges are on my daily menu and I secretly start to follow all the stores, which have Christmas decoration already on stock. I imagine all

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