I’m not such a fan of a word routine, but now I know, that actions behind the routine, give structure and meaning to my everyday life. Of course, it has to be a healty routine, which then slowly becomes a healthy habit. I’m checking on the difference between ritual and routine and found an explanation, that it’s all about attitude. Routine is something that needs to be done, such as making your bed, brushing teeth, or taking a shower. Ritual on the other hand is a more meaningful practice, which has a real sense of purpose. I kind of disagree. I mean, brushing your teeth and making your bed can be very meaningful, for example when you lose meaning in life or feel depressed. These small actions of self-love start your day and give it structure and meaning. Why does it have to be complicated and hard? Sometimes little things make your day if they are done consciously. These small actions of self-love mean a lot. Taking care of your body is not a “routine” in meaning, that it needs to be done. Love yourself enough, that you put your consciousnesses in every action connected to your body. Don’t just brush your teeth, make your bed, or apply the cream to your face or body. Be present at that moment. Take care of your body with love and affection. Touch it, nourish it, love it.

Natural cream Carry me can help you build a healthy ritual. In the winter months, we all have dry and hard skin on our legs and feet. Since days are short and instead of spending our time in front of the TV, we can massage our feet and legs and show them some affection and love. Reflex zones are printed on the towel, which comes in the gift packaging of the cream. A reflexology map on the towel is a highly detailed map of pressure points located on the feet and outlines the connection between each pressure point and a specific location in the body. You can start today.

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