Already, I can feel the holiday season. It starts every year after 1st of November, when it’s kind of “legal” to start thinking about the holidays. Cinnamon and oranges are on my daily menu and I secretly start to follow all the stores, which have Christmas decoration already on stock. I imagine all kinds of Christmas decoration – front door, living room, kitchen, bedroom, hall. I pick up colors for all the elves, reindeers, table cloth and the rest of the decoration, but surprise, surprise, the colors are each year the same – red, gold and green. But since this year, I managed to get overboard with everything, I picked up purple for the bedroom. Purple is my new obsession. It will look good with all the white furniture. ? You probably want to know the costs of all this? Well, at the end of the day, I then try to find some sense in all this fuss and I realize, that I have lots of red, green and gold ornaments…at least purple is on my shopping list. Hura?

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